Stop touching other people's germs and start protecting yourself with the Healthy Handle.
"Not everyone will use it - That's exactly why you should."
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Who's at risk
Germ Facts
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How to
Doctor recommended for use on filthy, germ infested shopping cart handles.
What the Healthy Handle offers you:
Non-chemical protection that separates you from germs and filth on shopping cart handles.

Goes on and off the cart without you ever touching the cart handle.

Telescoping design covers full width of most cart handles. Makes for easy storing and transporting.

Raised end pieces keep your hands on the protected area. Also used to remove the handle from cart. And it's fingernail friendly.

Made from polypropylene, a durable, long-lasting, safe to use material that resists cross-contamination and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Covers broken and damaged cart handles. Also keeps you from touching cold, wet, or hot handles.

Free water-resistent carrying bag with each handle.

Available in three colors.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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